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Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Let’s talk about brass. It’s a lot like sterling or copper - it doesn’t tarnish. It oxidizes.

Dirt, grease, hairspray, oil from our skin - it will turn the brass a slightly darker patina. Over time, it can age the brass into a vintage look which I personally love and actually create pieces using aged or vintage brass. However, if you want to keep your brass shiny gold, it’s super easy.

After you wear it a few times, dip your jewelry in white vinegar and rub gently, rinse in cool water, dry immediately and (this is the key) FULLY, and put it in a small plastic bag until the next use to keep it clean even longer. simple. It takes 10 seconds. If your brass piece has a stone or gem on it, it should still be just fine to dip in vinegar.

Anything with a tassel: the tassel is at the bottom, so I dip upside down, holding the piece by the tassle, to avoid immersing the fabric. Also if it has wood, do not dip the wood in vinegar.

Any questions, email me. :)