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Our Story

Our Story

Hi friend!

Years ago I began making jewelry for fun.  It was a creative outlet and I was in a few boutiques in Ohio.  As the years passed I had my son, my career changed, and I wasn’t making jewelry any longer.  We were traveling for six month durations in our camper and on one of our trips out west we met a couple that changed everything.  They were camped near us in a Texas State Park and during a conversation about rocks and gems they told us about the Tucson Gem and Bead show and how much we would love it.  It was on our route and the timing worked out so we did go.  When we left Tucson my mind was blown. I found beads and gems from all over the world and shortly after I began creating jewelry full time again. 

We still travel in our RV for six months at a time. It’s always fall when we leave and our route is generally south by southwest.  We search for those wide open places  - the desert, the beaches, and the forests. Our solar panels provide plenty of power to travel off grid and we meet so many amazing souls along the way. My son, my husband, our dog, and our cat traversing the country together.  We work from our camper making jewelry, working on marketing, and our website.  I’m always on the lookout for bead shops in random little towns and I love to create pieces that feel like those places to me. I stumble into boutiques all across the country and talk shop with them.  You’ll find me making pieces on the beach, in the desert, or in the mountains in the places where we park our home on wheels. Many of my pieces are inspired and named after places we’ve been and things we’ve seen.

In the spring and summer months you’ll find us working from our little summer cottage. It’s in a place with wonderful family history, crooked walls, and a porch swing. It’s tucked away in the woods and full of life and inspiration. It’s one of those places where the smells and sounds take you back to beautiful memories. 

And so it goes - living out our lives six months at a time.  It’s not the easiest way of life but it fits well with who we are. Maybe one day we’ll settle down in one location but for now the roaming and exploring is essential. 

My hope is that you’ll see a piece of my handmade jewelry and vibe with it. Maybe it reminds you of a place you’ve visited or that trip you want to take. I put all of my heart and all of the sunshine and warm air and peace I feel into what I make, in hopes that it carries through to the one wearing it.

Thanks for being here. For reading this and for appreciating my little shop in the universe.

xoxo - Ali